” An unknown man stole First Presbyterian Church Christmas

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baking tools CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) A local church told Eyewitness News it been hit by „The Grinch.” An unknown man stole First Presbyterian Church Christmas decorations, and the whole thing was caught on tape.”We calling him the Grinch for the time being because we have no idea who he was,” said Don Holwerda, church administrator.Four Christmas wreaths, all donning bright red ribbons, were snagged from the church front doors.Church employees said the man didn take any money or damage any property. „The grinch” didn steal Christmas per se, but he did steal some holiday cheer from the congregation.”He came with his own sack, filled one [wreath] at a time, put it over his shoulder and headed for his Holwerda said.When viewing the tape, you can see the man walk up with a giant garbage bag. One by one, he snagged each wreath and stuffed them into his bag baking tools.


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