„The structure is not safe and is beyond economic repair

The measure also calls on the Department of Environmental Protection to designate FracFocus, a national chemical disclosure registry, as the state registry for chemical disclosure. Under the proposal, chemicals deemed trade secrets would be subject to the state current trade secret laws. Rodrigues does not plan to file a separate public records exemption bill this year..

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fake ray ban sunglasses Pressed with a December 6 deadline when the county current moratorium would end, the county Long Range Planning staff started anew and put together an ordinance that simply says no to any and all medical marijuana storefronts. (Non storefront collectives are not impacted by the new regulations.) Keeping apace with the looming deadline, both planning commissions discussed the new ban on Wednesday. Despite varying degrees of misgivings about the new ordinance 1st District Planning Commissioner Michael Cooney went as far as to opine, „I think we were on a better path the first time” both commissions gave the thumbs up to the ban fake ray ban sunglasses.


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