There were 30 students from DC and Prince Georges County

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The big box chain is investing in specialized teams of store workers known as helpers {Supreme Snapbacks supreme snapbacks, recognizable by their bright yellow vests, Santa hats and festive shoulder bags. These staffers are going to be primarily focused on keeping checkout lines moving as efficiently as possible: They might direct you to an available cashier, open an extra register or run back into the aisles to get an item you forgot to grab. Chief operating officer, Judith McKenna, said that the holiday helper team was devised in response to shopper feedback..

mlb caps Beginning in the late 1940s and lasting into the 1960s, Japan supplied tens of thousands of inexpensive hand painted ceramic vases to American florists to fill with small bouquets. Then, as now, modest flower gifts were welcome and suited many occasions. The most popular vases in the 1950s were depictions of women’s faces, especially those of movie stars, in sizes varying from 2″ to as tall as 8″. mlb caps

nfl caps Our firefighters face work hazards that are similarly difficult to quantify with dollars and cents. Our paramedics deal with the ever present danger of contracting a life threatening disease when treating people in an emergency situation. Studies show firefighters lives are shorter than most because of the nature of the job and the hazardous materials they are exposed to in the smoke and fumes.. nfl caps

nhl caps Record everything you do on Facebook, Facebook live, even selfies. Have a plan for what you want to ask. Focus on whatever is actually happening in Congress that week. We get out of the boat and are ushered along a narrow jetty towards some stairs which lead to the venue. Just to clarify, rather a lot of stairs, which wind up the escarpment to what appears in the distance to be a multi level luxury mansion. We proceed to climb up the stairs, and up, and up, and our little obstacle course then takes us past a kidney shaped pool, over some stepping stones and through quite a lot of greenery, including one area in which sprinklers are working for some absurd reason. nhl caps

nba caps Early this morning 100 local students in need were given the opportunity to visit a local Target store to buy back to school supplies. The Salvation Army and Target teamed up to help these students purchase a variety of supplies for the upcoming school year.The Salvation Army and Target are helping a total of 12,000 students nationwide with the Target School Spree. Each student that is selected by the Salvation Army gets an $80 Target Giftcard for school supplies.There were 30 students from DC and Prince Georges County, 30 from Alexandria and Arlington County, 30 from Fairfax and Prince William County, and 10 from Montgomery County.The West Nile virus is active in the area and continues to be a threat, especially after last week’s storms. nba caps

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